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    SJ-6D can be found in the following categories:
    Space & Earth Science

    NORAD ID: 29506
    Int'l Code: 2006-046B
    Perigee: 595.6 km
    Apogee: 600.2 km
    Inclination: 97.8 °
    Period: 96.5 minutes
    Semi major axis: 6968 km
    Launch date: October 23, 2006
    Source: People's Republic of China (PRC)
    Comments: The two satellites SJ-6C and SJ-6D which form Group-02 of Shijian(practice)-6 satellites, were manufactured by the Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology (SAST) and DFH (Dongfanghong, or The East is Red) Satellite Co., Ltd. respectively. Both have a designed life of more than two years. They will mainly replace the two Shijian-6 satellites launched on Sept. 9, 2004, to conduct exploration of space environment, radiation in space and their influence, parameters of physical environment of the space, and carry out other related space experiments.

    Two Line Element Set (TLE):

    1 29506U 06046B   14330.23542448  .00000950  00000-0  98505-4 0  9570
    2 29506 097.7896 321.3059 0003318 049.2003 310.9508 14.92301141440208
    Source: AFSPC

    NASA's NSSDC Master Catalog entry for SJ-6D

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