NAVSTAR 47 (USA 150)

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    NAVSTAR 47 (USA 150) can be found in the following categories:
    GPS Operational

    NORAD ID: 26360
    Int'l Code: 2000-025A
    Perigee: 20,028.5 km
    Apogee: 20,350.4 km
    Inclination: 53.1 °
    Period: 718.0 minutes
    Semi major axis: 26560 km
    Launch date: May 11, 2000
    Source: United States (US)
    PRN: 20
    Comments: Navstar 47 (USA 150) was the latest addition to the American GPS fleet of navigation satellites, and was launched by a Delta 2 rocket from Cape Canaveral at 01:48 UT. The 24-spacecraft fleet was completed in 1994, but Navstar 47 replaced a failing member. GPS navigational location had until recently been at 100 meter accuracy for civilian use signals, and at 20 meter accuracy for military use signals. As of 1 May 2000, the DoD had voided the intentional degradation of the accuracy for civilian use, and made it on a par with the military accuracy. But it retained the prerogative to degrade the accuracy at selected locations when necessary. Also known as PRN20 (in GPS parlance), it replaced the failing PRN14 in Slot E-1.

    Two Line Element Set (TLE):

    1 26360U 00025A   14331.33776539  .00000046  00000-0  00000+0 0  6186
    2 26360 053.0844 193.7757 0060603 076.1343 201.5487 02.00562194106633
    Source: AFSPC

    NASA's NSSDC Master Catalog entry for NAVSTAR 47 (USA 150)

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