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Beidou Navigation System Satellites

The Beidou Navigation System is a project by China to develop an independent satellite navigation system.

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NameNORAD IDInt'l CodeLaunch datePeriod
BEIDOU G6389532012-059AOctober 25, 20121436.1Track it
BEIDOU M6387752012-050BSeptember 18, 2012773.2Track it
BEIDOU M5387742012-050ASeptember 18, 2012773.2Track it
BEIDOU M4382512012-018BApril 29, 2012773.2Track it
BEIDOU M3382502012-018AApril 29, 2012773.2Track it
BEIDOU G5380912012-008AFebruary 24, 20121436.1Track it
BEIDOU IGSO 5379482011-073ADecember 1, 20111436.1Track it
BEIDOU IGSO 4377632011-038AJuly 26, 20111435.9Track it
BEIDOU IGSO 3373842011-013AApril 9, 20111436.1Track it
BEIDOU IGSO 2372562010-068ADecember 17, 20101436.3Track it
BEIDOU G4372102010-057AOctober 31, 20101436.1Track it
BEIDOU IGSO 1368282010-036AJuly 31, 20101436.4Track it
BEIDOU G3365902010-024AJune 2, 20101436.1Track it
BEIDOU G1362872010-001AJanuary 16, 20101436.1Track it
BEIDOU G2347792009-018AApril 14, 20091437.6Track it
BEIDOU M1311152007-011AApril 13, 2007812Track it
BEIDOU 1D303232007-003AFebruary 2, 20071452.2Track it
BEIDOU 1C278132003-021AMay 24, 20031443.2Track it
BEIDOU 1B266432000-082ADecember 20, 20001450.8Track it
BEIDOU 1265992000-069AOctober 30, 20001455.9Track it

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