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    BEIDOU G3 can be found in the following categories:
    Beidou Navigation System

    NORAD ID: 36590
    Int'l Code: 2010-024A
    Perigee: 35,779.9 km
    Apogee: 35,806.4 km
    Inclination: 1.3 °
    Period: 1,436.1 minutes
    Semi major axis: 42164 km
    Launch date: June 2, 2010
    Source: People's Republic of China (PRC)
    Comments: BEIDOU G3 is the fourth spacecraft to be launched in the second-generation Beidou constellation. Two previous satellites were placed in geosynchronous orbit, including the system's newest member launched in January. Another spacecraft is operating in an orbit about 13,000 miles [20,900 km] above Earth.

    Two Line Element Set (TLE):

    1 36590U 10024A   14297.97309395 -.00000356  00000-0  10000-3 0  2697
    2 36590 001.3362 018.6394 0003142 301.2213 174.3499 01.00274008 16133
    Source: AFSPC

    NASA's NSSDC Master Catalog entry for BEIDOU G3

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