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    INTELSAT 907 can be found in the following categories:

    NORAD ID: 27683
    Int'l Code: 2003-007A
    Perigee: 35,781.0 km
    Apogee: 35,806.1 km
    Inclination: 0.0 °
    Period: 1,436.1 minutes
    Semi major axis: 42164 km
    Launch date: February 15, 2003
    Source: International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (ITSO)
    Comments: Intelsat 907 is a geostationary communications spacecraft of the Intelsat corporation which had been a global, multigovernment-owned consortium that was privatized in 2002. It was launched by an Ariane 44L rocket from Kourou at 07:00 UT on 15 February 2003. The 4.7 tonne spacecraft will provide data-relay among installations in North America, South America, Western Europe and Africa through its array of C- and K-band transponders after parking over 27.5 deg-W longitude. It replaces the aging Intelsat 605. This was the last and 116th launch of the Ariane-4 series which will be replaced by the Ariane-5 series.

    Two Line Element Set (TLE):

    1 27683U 03007A   14295.02426875 -.00000206  00000-0  00000+0 0  7515
    2 27683 000.0242 010.1811 0002984 204.7104 156.7591 01.00272520 42772
    Source: AFSPC

    NASA's NSSDC Master Catalog entry for INTELSAT 907

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