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Russian LEO Navigation Satellites

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NameNORAD IDInt'l CodeLaunch datePeriod
MERIDIAN 1296682006-061ADecember 24, 2006717.8Track it
COSMOS 2407283802004-028AJuly 22, 2004104.7Track it | Passes
COSMOS 2398278182003-023AJune 4, 2003104.9Track it | Passes
NADEZHDA 7275342002-046ASeptember 26, 2002104.9Track it | Passes
COSMOS 2389274362002-026AMay 28, 2002104.7Track it | Passes
COSMOS 2378268182001-023AJune 8, 2001104.8Track it | Passes
NADEZHDA 6263842000-033AJune 28, 200098.3Track it | Passes
COSMOS 2361255901998-076ADecember 24, 1998104.9Track it | Passes
NADEZHDA 5255671998-072ADecember 10, 1998105Track it | Passes
NADEZHDA 4231791994-041AJuly 14, 1994104.6Track it | Passes
NADEZHDA 3211521991-019AMarch 12, 1991104.8Track it | Passes
NADEZHDA 2205081990-017AFebruary 27, 1990104.8Track it | Passes
NADEZHDA 1201031989-050AJuly 4, 1989104.8Track it | Passes
COSMOS 1574150551984-062AJune 21, 1984104.8Track it | Passes
COSMOS 1447139161983-021AMarch 24, 1983104.7Track it | Passes
COSMOS 1383133011982-066AJune 29, 1982105.2Track it | Passes

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