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This is a listing of the most recent launched satellites, ordered by launch date

Name Description Launched Action
REMDEB-NET November 20, 1998
TELSTAR 18V September 7, 2018
HAIYANG 1C September 7, 2018
BEIDOU 3M12 August 24, 2018
BEIDOU 3M11 August 24, 2018
AEOLUS AEOLUS is a European satellite hosting a spaceborne laser crafted to measure winds in Earth's atmosphere. August 22, 2018
SIRIUSSAT-2 (SXC1-182) November 20, 1998
SIRIUSSAT-1 (SXC1-181) November 20, 1998
BIRD-BT (BHUTAN-1) November 20, 1998
BIRD-PH (MAYA-1) November 20, 1998
BIRD-MY (UiTMSAT-1) November 20, 1998
TELKOM-4 August 7, 2018
GAOFEN 11 July 31, 2018
BEIDOU 3M10 July 29, 2018
BEIDOU 3M9 July 29, 2018
IRIDIUM 159 July 25, 2018
IRIDIUM 164 July 25, 2018
IRIDIUM 156 July 25, 2018
IRIDIUM 163 July 25, 2018
IRIDIUM 154 July 25, 2018
IRIDIUM 155 July 25, 2018
IRIDIUM 165 July 25, 2018
IRIDIUM 158 July 25, 2018
IRIDIUM 166 July 25, 2018
IRIDIUM 160 July 25, 2018
GALILEO 24 (2C0) July 25, 2018
GALILEO 23 (2C9) July 25, 2018
GALILEO 26 (2C2) July 25, 2018
GALILEO 25 (2C1) July 25, 2018
TELSTAR 19V TELSTAR 19V (Telstar 19 VANTAGE) is a communications satellite with two high throughput payloads, one in Ku-band and the other in Ka-band. July 22, 2018
AEROCUBE 12B May 21, 2018
AEROCUBE 12A May 21, 2018
EQUISAT EQUISAT is a 1U (one unit) CubeSat designed and built by Brown Space Engineering (formerly Brown CubeSat Team), an undergraduate student group at Brown University's School of Engineering. November 20, 1998
ENDUROSAT ONE ENDUROSAT ONE is the Bulgaria's first 1U CubeSat mission, developed by Space Challenges program and EnduroSat collaborating with the Bulgarian Federation of Radio Amateurs (BFRA) for the first Bulgarian Amateur Radio CubeSat mission. November 20, 1998
HALOSAT HALOSAT is a CubeSat to Study the Hot Galactic Halo (HaloSat) examines X-rays from oxygen atoms surrounding the Milky Way to determine how much matter is in the halo of our galaxy. November 20, 1998
TEMPEST-D TEMPEST-D (Temporal Experiment for Storms and Tropical Systems - Demonstrator) is a 6U CubeSat mission to provide risk mitigation for the six-satellite TEMPEST mission that will provide the first temporal observations of cloud and precipitation processes on a global scale. November 20, 1998
CUBERRT CUBERRT (CubeSat Radiometer Radio Frequency Interference Technology Validation) is a satellite mission selected under NASA’s In-space Validation of Earth Science Technologies (InVEST) program to demonstrate on-board, real-time RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) processing. November 20, 1998
BEIDOU IGSO-7 July 9, 2018
PROGRESS MS-09 PROGRESS MS-09 is a Progress spacecraft used by Roscosmos to resupply the International Space Station (ISS). July 9, 2018
PRSS 1 PRSS 1 is an Earth observation satellite operated by the Pakistani space agency (SUPARCO). July 9, 2018
PAKTES 1A PAKTES 1A (Pakistan Technology Evaluation Satellite) is a 300 kg low to medium resolution earth observation remote sensing satellite indigenously developed by Pakistan's SUPARCO but with much of the payload subcontracted to South Africa's Space Advisory Company. July 9, 2018
XJS B XJS B and XJS A are a pair of Chinese satellites to conduct tests on inter-satellite links and earth observation technology. June 27, 2018
XJS A XJS A and XJS B are a pair of Chinese satellites to conduct tests on inter-satellite links and earth observation technology. June 27, 2018
REMOVEDEBRIS REMOVEDEBRIS is a satellite research project intending to demonstrate various space debris removal technologies. November 20, 1998
COSMOS 2527 (GLONASS) June 16, 2018
IGS R-6 IGS R-6 (IGS Radar 6), which was built by Mitsubishi Electric, is the sixteenth IGS satellite to launch – including both the radar and optical imaging branches of the constellation. June 12, 2018
SOYUZ MS-09 SOYUZ MS-09 Is a Soyuz spaceflight transporting three members of the Expedition 56 crew to the International Space Station. June 6, 2018
FENGYUN 2H FENGYUN-2H is the eighth and final of the Fengyun-2 series of spin-stabilized weather satellites for geostationary orbit, development of which began in the 1980s under CASC. June 5, 2018
SES-12 SES-12 is a commercial geostationary communications satellite designed to provide service for companies, homes, airplanes and ships across much of the Eastern Hemisphere. June 4, 2018
LUOJIA-1 01 LUOJIA 1-01 is a CubeSat (6U) sized earth observation satellite built by the Wuhan University. June 2, 2018